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Post-Pandemic Outcome: Even Better Personalized College Admissions Guidance!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Maggie Says: Welcome Michelle to Magellan College Counseling

It's been a long, trying year and a half. But there's been some positive outcomes -- especially in the world of college admissions. Students now have the option to apply to most colleges without test scores and colleges themselves are reconsidering their evaluation methods. Student opportunities to engage virtually with colleges has never been better.

As I reflect on the past year of virtually advising greater Seattle and Eastside students through college admissions, I've realized the power of connection, the benefit community, and the value of collaboration. During our most isolated periods, I benefitted from and was so grateful for the virtual interaction opportunities not only with students but also with professional colleagues. Even when isolated we can work together as a team to achieve great success.

So I am thrilled to announce that I have joined the team of counselors at Magellan College Counseling! I have the privilege and honor of working with the best students and families and now I can continue to provide them touchstone guidance and even more support navigating college admissions with the Magellan College Counseling team.

Together, We’ve Got This!

The college admissions landscape can seem overwhelming and confusing to navigate. Parents find that the college admission process differs dramatically from their own experience. And it seems like each week brings new information to track and monitor. Parents and students alike may feel a bit lost at sea in these uncharted territories.

My goal as a college counselor is to ease the stress of college admissions for students and families, to provide clear guidance and help them maximize their success. -- to be their touchstone as they navigate college admissions.

Now, as a member of the Magellan College Counseling team, I will provide meaningful and engaging guidance that considers your student’s individual needs, circumstances and priorities and offer even more support to students and families as they navigate college admissions.

Personalized, Plus!

In a addition to one-on-one personalized guidance families working with me now have access to:

  • A breadth and depth of expert knowledge that spans the country and decades of experience

  • Hands-on virtual) application workshops

  • Timely advising webinars on relevant topics from financial aid to testing

  • Application and essay workshops to augment one-on-one advising

All the Magellan college counselors have certificates in college counseling and memberships to professional associations to ensure we have the most up to date information as we guide students through their college admissions experience.

You can reach me at or find us at

I'm so excited to join this amazing team of expert counselors. Check out the phenomenal success of our collective class of 2021 students!

Images of Magellan college counselors and college logos
Congratulations to the Class of 2021 from Magellan College Counseling!

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