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I Look Beyond Acceptance


Your teen’s college education is likely the second largest expense you will make -- your home being the first. Given the huge investment, you want to be sure your child thrives and succeeds at the college they attend.


To me, a successful college admissions outcome is not just the acceptance letter.  


Success is knowing that the students I work with will attend a college where they will thrive and succeed, where they are supported and challenged academically; where they explore their interests, find their “people” and broaden their perspectives; and where they will be prepared for the next phase in life, whether it be launching into a career or on to further academic studies.


The Touchstone College Advising process is designed to guide students through the admissions process while also empowering them with information, insight, and self-awareness to “own” the process and be the primary decision-makers in this next stage in their lives.  


Ultimately, the college application process is led by the student, but I can provide support, resources, and insight on how to navigate the admissions terrain so you can stress less and enjoy these last several months with your teen before they head off to their next stage in life.

About Michelle


I am a research nerd with an insatiable desire to stay up-to-date on the topics that matter to me.  Your student's success on their path to college, through college, and beyond matters to me!  I love to do research — about college and admissions, specifically.  


I have a master’s in Sociology — which means I gather, examine, analyze, and synthesize data and information and then apply it to the real world. Prior to becoming a college advisor, I worked in research, marketing, writing, and editing, as well as in higher education (former Director of Research and Strategic Planning at Seattle Community Colleges District Office).

I also love to spend time with teens.  My work with students is as much about listening as it is about advising. I strive to create rapport with students so they are comfortable sharing their authentic story — first with me and then with the colleges through their essays and apps.

Whenever possible, I visit the colleges so I can give families on campus insight. I belong to multiple professional college counselor organizations and regularly engage with other professionals in the field, including high school counselors, admissions officers and colleagues, to stay abreast of the college admissions landscape. I am committed to being current and regularly engage in professional development opportunities, from workshops, conferences, seminars, trainings, and classes.


When I’m not doing college “stuff” I’m often walking my dog, Jinx (a very stubborn Portuguese Water Dog).  On early mornings, I’m usually slinging around kettlebells and weights in my garage gym.  I love to play “Would You Rather?” with my family around the dinner table and watching “our current binge-worthy t.v. show” in the evenings with my husband.

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