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Free 30 minute initial consultation

Every student and family begins the college application process with their own distinct goals, needs, and expectations.  We offer an initial, free consult so you can share what you and your teen need most from a college advisor. 


Some families need  “soup to nuts” guidance, others seek a periodic “touchstone” check-in to make sure they are on track.  Some are looking for clarity about financial aid and college affordability and many are looking for someone to act as a buffer to maintain the family peace.  


During this meeting, we will assess your needs, how Touchstone College Advising can help, and establish a plan for moving forward.  We have several options to meet your needs, including hourly guidance and package services.


Early planning and preparation 

For freshmen and sophomores, these sessions are billed hourly and provide guidance to ensure that students are prepared and on track to meet their college goals.

These sessions may include:

•  Review of the academic record   

•  Advice on course selection

•  Recommendations on extracurricular activities and     summer opportunities

•  Testing recommendations

•  Discussion about how to make high school a               successful endeavor


Comprehensives Services

I provide Comprehensive Services to guide students and families through the entire college planning, selection, application, and affordability process, usually beginning Fall of Junior year.


For those who begin later, we can compress the timeline to fit your needs. 


This plan is ideal for those who want to reduce stress, stay on track, and implement strategies that will ease the application process.  Students will have access to a personalized Custom College Plan account to manage their applications -- which includes ongoing To-Do lists, calendar, interim deadlines, application management for each college, and a personalized college list feature.  The account also serves as a central communication interface between your advisor, the student, and the family through emails, text messages, and notes.  


Comprehensive services are a great choice for students who want individualized support, regular check-ins, need a parental "buffer," or who are applying to more than a handful of schools.   

Hourly and package options are available.


Flexible and customizable

Big Picture Advice

For organized and independent students who want to manage the application process themselves, but would like some expert guidance and resources to keep them on track.


Essay Support

For the student who has established the college list and would like specific help on developing the essays and short answers for each school.  


Hourly Options 


All services are available on an hourly basis.  Contact us to learn more.

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