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Wondering if your teen is doing the “right” activities and taking the “right” classes? Actually, there is no one “right” answer. But there is a right answer for your teen. Together, we’ll identify your teen’s academic goals, interests, and opportunities to create an action plan for both inside and outside the classroom. We want your student to stretch, excel and succeed, balancing their academics and extracurricular activities with rest and downtime.

The Testing Puzzle

ACT or SAT? Subject Tests?  When and how often? And what does Test-Optional, Superscoring, and Section Retest mean and should you do them? The answers depend on your teen - “most students test spring of junior year.”  But there are many reasons to test earlier and/or later.  We will break it down for you and help develop the best test plan and prep strategy for your teen.

Steps to Success - Prepare



Creating a “good” list of colleges to apply to involves some introspection, exploration and research.  This is referred to as a college fit assessment.  I believe this exploratory assessment is an important part of the application process that many teens skim or skip over — which may explain why nearly a third of college students transfer.  

I will help your teen discover the key characteristics a college should have for them to thrive. 

We start by assessing your teen’s interests and aptitudes and exploring potential majors or careers. 

Then we explore and identify the “touchstone” college characteristics that will be key to your teen’s success and happiness in college  — from ideal learning environments (lecture vs. seminar) and social considerations (Greek? Conservative?) to specific programs and resources (study abroad, internships). 

College affordability is an essential consideration when making the college list. I help families understand the difference between a college’s net price and sticker price and explain the basics of financial and merit aid. 

Using all of this information, I'll dig into the details with my resources and knowledge to help your teen create a tailored list of colleges that reflect their social, environmental,  academic and financial needs.  College fit is much more than being able to “get in” to college, but about thriving once there. 

Steps to Success - Explore


Pulling it all together — without stress or nagging.

Admissions officers want to know “who” your teen is and what unique attributes they will contribute to their college. From the activities list to the essay, we help teens present their best self. Through brainstorming activities and personalized essay advising I help students write their “personal” statements and essays so they showcase what they will bring to the college community.

I also advise students on how to present their activities so that they are more than just a list of clubs, sports or volunteer hours, but demonstrate impact and leadership.

I help students meet deadlines, stay on track and monitor progress using an online planning platform that provides a common point of access to manage communications, to do lists, college research, application materials and more.

Steps to Success - Apply


Decisions, Decisions.

The awards letters have arrived.  How do you decide? We will be your “touchstone.” I provide guidance to help you review and compare admissions offers and financial aid packages and how to handle waitlist or deferral notifications.

I am committed to your teen’s success and provide transition support and mentoring during the first year of college.

Steps to Success - Succeed
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